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"If I was to describe Normani in one word it would be…Rainbow! Because there’s so many different sides of her, like the colours of the rainbow. But, after it rains, the cloud sometimes hide a little part of the rainbow- not everybody gets to see all of her different sides."




camarry-x replied to your photoset:ok cool
you’re so cute!!! te pareces a Eleanor en la segunda foto omg! :O

omg gracias hahaha ily 

por nada! pero en serio te pareces mucho, cuando vayas a un concierto de 1d louis te verá y te va a querer regresar a londres con él hahaha <3

jajhdsjjsjajs omg no es cierto omfvs jasjaja

si lo mas vamos a hacer el experimento hahaha 

Fifth Harmony pose backstage during the Y-100 All About That Bass Party at Fontainebleau Miami Beach


liking someone and pretending you don’t is a lot of hard work

  1. me: okay lets start this homework
  2. *2 hours later*
  3. me: okay lets start this homework